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Service and Support

Contact Service Directly on: service@pulsehealthcarekenya.com

Provision of comprehensive maintenance is an integral component. Maintenance includes all actions necessary for retaining a system or product in, or restoring it to, serviceable condition. Pulse Healthcare provides installation, user training & after sales support for all the equipment it installs. All equipment have a standard one year warranty & customers are at a liberty of entering a service contract to provide them with peace of mind regarding their equipment.

The Services Include:

  • Pre Installation Consultation and Site Survey.
  • Installation.
  • User/Application and Technical Training by Factory Trained Engineers.
  • Warranty, Post warranty Maintenance and Corrective Service.
  • Provision and Stocking of a wide range of OEM Spare Parts.
  • Equipment Tracking.

  • Equipment Tracking

    Pulse Healthcare has a proprietary database that allows monitoring all supported equipment. Equipment is monitored in terms of preventive maintenance schedules, modifications, corrective maintenance performed and obsolescence status


    Punch Line

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