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About us

Our Vision

Pulse Healthcare Limited (PHL) is a healthcare solutions provider dedicated to the provision of quality and cost-effective health, scientific & research products and services. The ever-increasing cost of providing services requires that organizations look into areas in which they can leverage quality and cost effectiveness. PHL offers such an opportunity.


Pulse Healthcare has an in-house workshop from which technical support is provided. Each engineer has a comprehensive set of tools as well as a computer for working as well as internet based communication and research.


Pulse Healthcare has a team of four qualified bio-medical engineers, trained at various national medical training colleges. These engineers undergo further training offered by our Principals in order to competently handle the various equipment brands we represent locally. Over the years, they have acquired valuable field experience, necessary to adequately support our fielded equipment.


Punch Line

How do we answer the changing needs of complex healthcare environments? We listen, understand, then deliver……..Remember there is only one Pulse, a heartbeat away.

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